My Ultimate Packing Checklist for little travellers We are off on holiday tomorrow for a much needed break, in particular for my husband who has been working crazy hours, as for me I cant wait to settle Victoria in the day care centre which will afford me some time on my own. This concept to me is both exciting and daunting, as I am not sure anymore who I am without my child? Bearing in mind I have not had time away from her since she was born, I am a fulltime mom and Victoria is at home with me 24/7. Before we get there though,Read More →

Review: ProCook Gourmet Steel Pots and Pans After transitioning from the corporate life to been a stay at home mom, and wife, my relationship with the kitchen has turned into a love affair. I don’t ever remember been obsessed with kitchen appliances, utensils and home decor, but here I am and I am besotted with anything “kitcheny ” and home, my number one prerequisite however it must be practical, functional and easy to maintain. Recently I decided to upgrade my pots and pans, as they where starting to look old, scratched and the slick non stick coat was diminished. As every amateur cook I wasRead More →

Review: Naturalmat Coco Mat organic Cot Matress When I was expecting Victoria, one thing I did was find myself performing extensive research on baby products and what would be good for my baby. Looking back to my childhood, my mother, emphasized the importance of having a good, reputable, matress, as sleep is vital in rejuvenating and ensuring not only your body but mind has been rested appropriately. With those principles instilled, looking for a good matress for my baby was a task I took enormously seriously. Newborn babies sleep on average around 18+ hours a day, and even now that Victoria is two she sleepsRead More →

Building a successful business; Building effective value ladders This week has been an interesting week for me, I accepted a ghost-writing position to supplement my income as I enjoy writing, it was a natural choice. It has limited my time substantially which takes me away from my own blog but has afforded many other pros such as one article topics I had to write on was the popular business concept of the value ladder. Now this is not a new concept to me, Affilorama and Wealthy Affiliate teach you some great principles and how to set up your own value ladder, I had seen Nicola Cairncross’s youtube demonstration on a wonderful analogy of theRead More →

How to start a Blog – Part 2 In Part 1 on how to start, I spoke about finding a topic that you could easily write on and choosing a domain. I also touched on my love for writing which is primarily why I started this blog. I also highlighted my retarded skills with respects to computer knowledge. On numerous occasions with the appearance of little gremlins, Wealthy Affiliate has been superb in rescuing me.  The reviews back from SiteGround are equally exceptional when it comes to customer service and their assistance in navigation through the technological glitches. Step 3 – Install WordPress Once IRead More →